Taxation by Misrepresentation

The Truth about Income Taxes in Plain English

by John W. Benson

Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You to Know that Income Taxes Are Voluntary for Most Americans!

The thesis of this book is that the US Constitution explicitly disallows a tax on one’s labor, and that the 16th Amendment took “Income” to mean the same thing as used in the Corporation Excise Tax Act of 1909. Current Treasury regulations explicitly state exemptions from “gross income” include “those items of income which are, under the Constitution, not taxable by the Federal Government”, without ever enumerating such.

Taxation by Misrepresentation”, by John W. Benson, is by far the best resource to understanding the true constitutional aspects of our income tax system, as well as the origin of the laws and processes involved in compelling citizens to pay it. Far from being convoluted, it is an extremely logical, sound and extraordinarily well-researched book, yet is a very easy read for the layman.

~ Synopsis~
The tax Code contains “language so complicated and circumambient that neither Solomon nor all the wise men of the East could understand it or interpret it.” – Senator Alben W. Barkley, Senate Majority Leader, Congressional Record, 78th Congress, 2nd Session, Vol. 90, Part 2, February 23, 1944, page 1965

As Senator Barkley, later Vice President under President Harry Truman, stated, there is a great deal of confusion in our Nation as to the truth about income taxes.

Almost 40 years ago, I began researching to discover for myself what laws lie at the foundation of the federal income taxes.

Little did I realize that I would be spending the rest of my life in this endeavor, clouded, as it is, by old, arcane and obfuscated language, laws, processes and procedures long out of the memory of the average lawyer, not to mention the average American.

The “down and dirty” result of my long quest was this: All our federal tax laws, processes and procedures are based upon those used by the king of England to collect his revenues in 1791. Some of those processes and procedures date back over 800 years to Magna Charta, the Great Charter of Liberties sealed by King John at the point of a sword on the Plains of Runnymede in 1215.

Here is how I came to that realization. (Tax laws and their history are not intended to be easily understood, so I hope you will understand that I am phrasing things as simply and as easily as I can, in order not to confuse you, dear Reader!)

In G.M. Leasing v. United States (1977), the government stated to the U.S. Supreme Court that all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) procedures are based upon the standards set forth by the Supreme Court in Murray’s Lessee v. Hoboken Land & Improvement Co. (1856).

In Murray’s Lessee, the Court ruled that the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution required that all summary or administrative processes and procedures used by the federal government to ascertain, assess and collect its revenues must mirror, or be no different in principle from, the processes and procedures employed by the king of England in 1791 (the year the Fifth Amendment was ratified) to collect debts owed to him.

After reading Murray, G.M. Leasing, and the government’s admission to the Supreme Court in 1977, I came to realize that all IRS processes and procedures are, in substance and effect, simply the ancient English revenue processes and procedures employed by the king’s revenue officials in the Exchequer (Treasury) in 1791 dressed up in modern garb. To be sure, the words used are different and not intended to be easily understood. However, as the Murray Court stated clearly, “The name bestowed upon it cannot affect its constitutional validity.” 59 U.S. 272, 276 (1856).

Therefore, in order to understand today’s tax processes and procedures, you must understand the ancient processes employed by the Exchequer, some dating back in time before King John was forced to seal Magna Charta in 1215.

The Murray Court cited several English treatises as authorities on these ancient processes. I spent over a year hunting down the four principal treatises, as they are all long out of print, and read through each of them.

Based upon almost-40 years of research, I have attempted to unravel these processes in my principal book, Taxation by Misrepresentation, the Truth about Income Taxes in Plain English. I have included numerous authorities in support in order to lay today’s tax processes and procedures side by side with the English processes.

After having done this, I came to realize, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Form 1040 tax return used today by the IRS as the record of an individual’s income-tax liability must be based upon one of only two similar records used by the king in 1791, both of which are cited by the Murray Court, namely, either the finding of an inquisition, aka an inquest of office (administrative hearing, in today’s terms), or a statute staple process (an ancient form of contract enacted by Parliament in 1353 for the benefit of merchants).

My conclusion as to which of these two processes applies to the Form 1040 tax return is both startling and has consequences that bring into question the convictions of countless Americans imprisoned for alleged tax crimes, not to mention the billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars collected by force in the name of tax laws.

A major finding of my research is that the Exchequer revenue processes were open to challenge by the king’s debtors at every stage of the proceedings, even before the debt was collected. What that means is that every alleged taxpayer is absolutely entitled to trial by jury to the IRS record of assessment before the government can collect a single penny of tax, based upon similar processes employed in the Exchequer and secured by the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment and the Jury Trial Clause of the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In my book, I demonstrate, time and time again, how our present tax officials and those who enforce taxes in the courts are simply either woefully ignorant of the true basis of the income tax or are knowingly corrupt.

John W. Benson

ISBN: 9781620302286
Publish Date: November 1, 2012
Page Count: 228
Book Size: 6″ x 9″
Binding: Perfect Bound (Soft Cover)

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  5. Publisher

    Having spent several weeks editing for format this text-book by John Benson, has given me a hunger for more. Now that I have viewed it for publishing, I can go back and read it for content… and what a story it is…

    On November 1, 2012 – the printed book became available to the general public. Get ready to fill your holiday stockings with the power of knowledge.


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