Dr. Kelley’s Self Test…

… For the different Metabolic Types


We are now the publisher for the College of Metabolic Medicine. No other versions of this book are sanctioned by the Kelley Estate. We offer ONLY brand new books, unlike other sources who are offering either used copies at inflated prices or are possibly printing out-of-date, unauthorized copies of older versions of the book.

Self Test new_bnr-thumbDr. Kelley developed his Self-Test for the Different Metabolic Types in the 1960′s to help bridge the gap of research to practical application. He realized that the overall state of health of this nation could no longer be maintained acceptable unless the nutritional needs of the people were brought into immediate and sharp focus. No one (doctor or patient) knows what a well-balanced meal is. Doctors have not been trained along these disciplines, nor do they have the time or inclination to educate themselves in these areas.

As was typical, the rest of the world stood around – experimenting – while Dr. Kelley endeavored to always move forth with the One True answer to cancer and many other degenerative dis-eases. While in the early part of this century, many claim to have the answers to Metabolic Typing, it was in fact Dr. Kelley who advanced the science to this level. He was the modern day pioneer in the field. -ᅠ Editor

In order to make the most efficient use of research data, it must be related and applied directly to each individual to meet his specific needs. The problem then arises as to which data is significant for each patient. Dr. Kelley had to develop a system to accomplish this. It was decided that the most practical system would be an extensive questionnaire: Dr. Kelley’s Self-Test for the Different Metabolic Types. The test is bound in a book that contains hundreds of health questions. It includes complete instructions so you can score the results yourself (the results are compiled on an as-you-go basis during the completion of the questionnaire).

Taking the time (it takes a few hours) to complete the questionnaire will tell you whether you are a meat-eater, a vegetarian, or have a balanced metabolism. It will tell you which types of meats, fruits, and vegetables you should eat. Furthermore, it will tell you what supplements you should take, and, perhaps even more important, which you should avoid.

When you complete the questionnaire and follow the directions at the end of the book for scoring your answers, you will know where your body, at the present time, is functioning. There are three main metabolic types (Vegetarian, Carnivore and Balanced), and a number of sub-types (three in Vegetarian, three in Carnivore and four in Balanced). Each person will know exactly which of the three main types they are functioning in and also which sub-type.

After one follows the nutritional guidelines at the back of the questionnaire for their metabolic type for a few weeks or months they will want to take the Self-Test again to determine if their metabolism has switched to another type. Everyone should recheck their metabolic type every six months to a year, because it can change. If and when it does, one’s diet and supplemental program will have to be changed accordingly.

As one improves their blood chemistry, it’s possible for their nervous system to go into balance – giving them a balanced metabolism. This can take years, or it may never happen. However, I wouldn’t worry about it if it doesn’t happen. As long as you’re healthy and functioning normally – that’s what counts. ~ W.D.K., D.D.S., M.S.

Diet – Schmiet! For those who truly want to understand their body’s needs and start on your pathway to Health! This book is a must for everyone – whether they have ever been diagnosed with cancer or not. The bible of Metabolic Typing, as stated by the prestigious Price-Pottinger Institute, “…is the greatest advancement in metabolic typing in 150 years.”

The self-test itself will take an average person four to five hours to complete – and when finished, you’ll know more about your body’s needs than your own doctor – and the book has ben designed to be used numerous times as your optimum health improves.

UPDATE: As of December 3, 2015 – we have found this book being offered on Amazon for between $55.00 and $125.00 per copy – most of them used – and some being obvious illegal reprints. DO NOT BE TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS.

We are still among the original and authorized sources for the works of Dr. William D. Kelley, and now include the responsibilities of publishing a NEWLY REVISED, EXPANDED and UPDATED version of this internationally acclaimed book for 2014! Nothing has been omitted from the book, only expanded with additional supplemental support, as written by Dr. Kelley.

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24 thoughts on “Dr. Kelley’s Self Test…

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  3. Camie Shaw

    In 1982 my father was diagnosed with stage 5 malignant melanoma. After 2 surgeries and numerous trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, his prognosis was finally stated to be 2 weeks. My mother (and he) searched many alternative treatments to chemo and radiation, and stumbled across Dr. Kelley’s protocol. Since they knew immediate death was the end result, they had nothing to lose by trying it, and the hope of it working with good health to gain. Well, that it did! 30 plus years later, my father is still around! And it’s all because of Dr. Kelley’s program. I’ve been a proponent since! Oh…..it only took 18 months to completely REVERSE stage 5 cancer!!!!! Not that my health is bad or anywhere close to it, but I’m ordering the book today. Blessings~

  4. Irina torch

    Please let me know whether the payment could be made by western union? If yes, to what name, thank you, cant wait to read this book!

  5. donna

    Two questions were asked above and not answered, and I too, would like to know the answers please.
    1.) Do you need to take any special supplements/Kelley formulations in order to complete the test?
    2.) Is this an actual bound book or photocopies?
    Thanks in advance for responses!

  6. Craig

    Hi there

    I live in Auckland New Zealand, what are the costs involved including shipping to my destination?

    Thank you


  7. Sinisa Crkvenjas

    Are you selling new and updated book, or the original version form 1977? Also is shipping to Canada $20?

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  9. Sarah

    Dr. Kelley published a Pancreas Self-Examination, which requires taking some of his formulations to complete the test. Is this Self-Test similar in that it requires the taking of his formulations? If so, do you know where they can be purchased?

    Thank you for your help!

  10. Katerina

    Can one buy an e-book? Plus is there any other option of payment? I do not have a PayPal (tried to open an account years ago, but never succeeded to verify it) and don`t know of anyone of my closest having one (not a big thing here in Europe). Thanks for your reply!

  11. Joelle

    I have Kelley’s Book Answer To Cancer which talks about many ailments/symptoms associated with each nervous symptom…but, there are no questions…is this the same as the book as I would not want to duplicate.

  12. Jenny

    Do you still have this metabolic typing book for sale? I ask because I see no postings here in the past year. I’d like to buy a copy, shipped to Australia. I’m recovering from leukemia and writing a book about cancer. Would like to mention this book in my book but only if I can see it and take the test myself.

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  14. Georgette Cook Sinclair

    I became aware of Dr.Kelley in 1975 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.I did his program faithfully for many years and put off having surgery until 1983.By then,I gave birth to 2 girls.Now,at 64,I have been diagnosed with CLL.It’s time for another book.I have fond memories of our meetings.

    1. Caroline

      What was the result of his treatments on your cervical cancer? I have just been diagnosed. Thanks!

  15. Susan Mercer

    Am VERY interested in purchasing a copy of Dr. Kelley’s book on cancer & his self test. I have late stage breast cancer. Been doing pretty successful alternative treatment that emphasizes a vegan diet that is mostly raw. My clinic has now asked me to go vegan-ketogenic, but the high fat makes me feel poorly. I am interested in Kelly’s work so I can really know what is best for me without guessing. Thank you so much. Susan Mercer in Austin, TX

  16. Ursula

    Hello.. I wanted to know if you have or will be bringing out an electronic version (eg Kindle) or downloadable to laptop/pc. I live in UK and customs import tax / VAT and postal charges often makes the price double on a package, as they also add the shipping costs to the price of the goods. Thanks


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