CANCER: Curing the Incurable

… Without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation

NOTES: As of December 25, 2014 – this book is currently not available through the several AUTHORIZED sources. It is currently being revised and should be available for purchase once again in June 2015.

We are now the publisher for the College of Metabolic Medicine. No other versions of this book are sanctioned by the Kelley Foundation. We offer ONLY brand new books, unlike other sources who are offering either used copies at inflated prices or are printing out-of-date, unauthorized copies of older versions of the book.

A book with over 50 years of planning for 33,000 patients and developing the scientific paradigm for the proper cure and treatment of cancer.

“In our time there will never be a cure for heart disease or for cancer because there’s just too much money in it for the elite. Between the AMA, the hospitals, pharmaceutical and drug manufacturers, the money wheel never stops turning – and those who suffer needlessly are bankrupted.”Dr. William D. Kelley

In this updated book, Dr. William D. Kelley teaches that, not only is there a recognized cure for cancer – but that cancer is preventable!

CANCER: Curing the Incurable offers…
…new hope, new natural cures for men and women. People all over the world have used alternative methods to cure men’s and women’s ills. Now Dr. Kelley shows you how to ignite your body’s cancer-fighting power using alternative methods to cure the disease. No longer is a diagnosis of a cancer a death sentence. By harnessing the power of alternative and nutritional healing, you can fight diseases and improve the quality of your life. It’s the most exciting medical news of the past sixty years. CANCER: Curing the Incurable lets you take control of your health – and teaches you how to improve your quality of life without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

You deserve many happier, healthier and fulfilling years ahead. CANCER: Curing the Incurable will show you how!

This is a reconsideration of Dr. Kelley’s original book, One Answer to Cancer published nearly four-decades ago – and now greatly expanded. Cancer is preventable AND curable and this 162 page book will show you how to insure that you’ll live a Long, healthy, cancer free life. It’s not about remission – it’s about a cure!

UPDATE: As of February 9, 2012 – we have found this book being offered on Amazon for between $250.00 and $2,0000.00 per copy – some of them used. DO NOT BE TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS.

CALL The Book Shelf to inquire about this book – 623 – 327 – 1778

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8 thoughts on “CANCER: Curing the Incurable

  1. Myrnadette B. Guzman

    Hello. I am interested with the book of Dr. William Donald Kelley regarding treatment of Cancer without radiation, surgery, chemo. Please advise me of its availability if there are still copies for that book and the mode/s of payment and the price with the shipping price. Thank you.

  2. Is the book still available for purchase?

    Hi, I’d like to order a copy of this book. Is it still available?


    1. Admin Post author


      Yes – there are still a few copies available, and I am working diligently for the Kelley Foundation in preparing a new version for release in early Spring of 2014.


    and still – even another…


    It’s heartbreaking that people are selling copies of this book for $250 – $2,000+ – March 9, 2012

    1. Admin Post author

      As late as April of 2013, I found examples of this book selling for as much as $3,449.00 – used!

      This is the kind of greed that takes place, when people who are afflicted with the scariest dis-ease on the planet don’t know what to do. they instantly fall for every snake-oil salesman who tells them what they want to hear – then react foolishly.

      Kelley’s history and protocols work for those willing to work at it – just not by economic rape.


    … and still another Amazon review:

    Much Better Presentation of a Valid Methodology
    Peter Parker

    If you’ve found this book, it’s likely you are already disenchanted with the medical-pharmaceutical industry’s despicable conduct toward the public, particularly in cancer treatment.

    Earlier books by Kelly contain more detailed background and context–necessary maybe for a skeptical public. This book presents the material and method much more simply and clearly, like a recipe. You should have all his books, but this one would be the most dog-eared.

    Dr. Kelly’s methodology for counter-acting cancer simply works. I know because I observed it. My step-mother had breast cancer that had spread through her shoulder and down to her elbow when the treatment began.

    For comparison, my mother died of ovarian cancer years before, and it had cost my father his entire lifetime of earning. The medical industry took every last dime, drove him into bankruptcy, and provided no positive results whatsoever for my mother over nearly 2 years. In economics, you supposedly exchange your valuable (money) for another valuable (results). No results means you don’t pay or you get your money back. Not in modern medicine.

    So when my stepmother contracted cancer, the alternative route was the only way. My father spent a year delivering the Kelly protocol to her, and by that time the cancer was completely gone. Before, any movement of her arm was excruciating. After, she could throw her arm around like a 10 year old in any direction with no pain. The cancer had shrunk until all the cells had been expelled.

    She did eventually succumb, after 3 more years of life. The lifelong dietary routine that must be followed to keep the cancer in remission is very strict, and in the end she fell off it. Soon after, the cancer came back more virulently.

    The Kelly method works. It may not work for everyone, but I know of no other protocol with the same success percentage and number of documented cases. Certainly its success rate is far better than that of the standard medical-pharmaceutical industry, and the cost is far less. – June 30, 2006


    Another Amazon review:

    Jesse Stirling

    My father cured himself of pancreatic cancer using Dr. Kelley’s techniques.

    My aunt recently survived breast cancer, and is in full remission, by going on the Kelley program for two years. My wife and I both enjoy better health through understanding Dr. Kelley’s insights re: eating right for your metabolic type.

    I agree that Kelley’s anti-semetic slant is baffling, and noncongruous to the rest of his work. Overall, it’s not the easiest book to read, but the information is what’s important. The information inside is priceless.

    There is a cure to cancer!!! – October 9, 2005


    The following is amongst numerous on-line testimonials – this from an Amazon review:

    Best Book On Curing Your Cancer You’ll Ever Find!!
    By A Customer

    This book is the real deal! It explains in minute detail how to cure yourself using nutritional means and using detoxification techniques that are presented in a sound, rational, and persuasive manner by the master of the cancer cure, Dr. William Donald Kelley. I love this book and what it has done for me. It has given me a whole new lease on life by realizing how to control my metabolism and how to stay healthy and vibrant for the rest of my life. Dr. Kelly gave me the means to cure my skin cancer, and avoid disfiguring surgery, and for that I will be forever thankful. If the cancer industry would adopt Dr. Kelly’s methods cancer would become an everyday disease and people everywhere wuld be a lot happier and healthier. Bravo!!! – November 4, 2002


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